Friday, 5 December 2014

Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suite

Assalammualaikum semmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa....

im backkkkk... tgk entry blog org lain... de cite psl hotel2 nih... cam best jgak topik nih.... berkongsi cerite gegegege ok la... pendek cite yer mrs jang?...

last month, teman kne p kursus... under jbtan teman lah... lokasi kali nih kat kinta riverfront hotel & suite.... cam mahal jer bunyi yer gegegegege teman pun 1st time jejak hotel nih.. klu xde kursus, jgn mimpi lah dpt tdoq sini keh2...

nah... serba sedikit psl hotel nih...

Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suite Ipoh is one of the latest luxury hotels on town which offer 410 rooms inclusive of stylish furnished hotel rooms and service apartments each with a spectacular view of the city that will take your breath away. Our finely-appointed rooms, which include a stately Presidential Suites, extravagant Honeymoon Suites as well as Deluxe, Family Suites 2 rooms apartment and 3 rooms apartment, will cater different needs and expectation of every guest. Accommodation units are non-smoking floors - have 32-inch flat screen TVs with Astro satellite channels, WIFI internet access, attached bathrooms with separate shower cubicles and long baths(Not for Standard Room), individual safe deposit box(Except Apartment units), mini bar(Except Apartment units), complimentary coffee and tea-making facilities and IDD phones. All rooms have window view.

Type of Rooms Tariff Rate
Standard Room RM200.00 +
Superior Room RM230.00 +
Deluxe Room RM260.00 +
Family Suite RM440.00 +
Executive Suite RM750.00 +
Honey Suite RM3,888.00 +
Presidential Suite RM8,888.00 +
Kinta Premier (Weekdays)RM 300.00 +

(Weekends)RM 350.00 +
Kinta Gold (Weekdays)RM 450.00 +

(Weekends)RM 500.00 +

ruang tamu
ruang dapoq... tpi xleh masak nah

ruang santai

laluan ke bilik

master bedroom + toilet

bilik tdo ke 2

bilik tdo ke 3

maka yer... apartment nih amat sesuai klu kita travel secara bjemaah... semua bkumpul dlm 1 rumah... bru hapening n rare kan....

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